Co-op Documents

Product Standards

Open Harvest Purchasing Policy

Department Buying Guidelines


The Bylaws set out the terms of Co-op membership, election and duties of the Board of Directors, duties of officers, duties of the General Manager, and meetings of the membership. The bylaws are set by the Board of Directors and changes are approved by a vote of the membership.

Open Harvest Bylaws, November 8, 2015


The Articles of Incorporation set out the business structure and purpose of the Co-op. They also set out how the Co-op is capitalized (through the equity payments of member-owners), and they empower the Board of Directors to draft and amend bylaws.

Open Harvest's Articles of Incorporation, November 2, 2014

Annual Report

Each year the Co-op releases a report around the time of the annual member meeting. This report includes a report from the GM, the balance sheet, and an income statement compared to previous years. The annual report gives member-owners an opportunity to track the Co-op’s progress over time.

Board Policy Register

Open Harvest’s Board of Directors uses a formal system known as policy governance to establish a structure for its work. The Policy Register is the document which sets out the details of how we apply policy governance. The Register describes the roles and responsibilities of the Board, and the methods it uses to oversee the co-op.

Board Policy Register

Board Meeting Agenda & Minutes

Board Calendar 2016 - Draft

The Board meets each month on the first Wednesday at Two Pillars Church, 1430 South St. in Lincoln. Meetings open to all member-owners to attend. If you would like to place an issue on the agenda, or to express your viewpoint on an issue coming before the board, contact Board Chair Brande Payne before the next scheduled meeting at

June 1, 2016 Meeting Agenda

June Meeting Agenda - Draft

*This is a draft version of the agenda for the upcoming board meeting and is for information purposes only. We reserve the right to modify the agenda at any point before the final version is approved for use at the upcoming board meeting.

Board Meeting Minutes