City Chickens

  • Antelope Park Church of the Brethren 3645 Sumner St Lincoln, NE, 68506 United States

Learn the basics of raising poultry in the city. Discover proper housing and care methods to ensure a healthy, happy and productive flock of backyard poultry. Whether they’re for meat or eggs, you’ll learn the essentials to raising poultry in an urban environment.


Instructor Brett Kreifels

Brett is from Springfield, NE and attended the University of Nebraska-Lincoln where he obtained a bachelors degree in Animal Science and a masters degree in Applied Science in livestock and poultry nutrition and husbandry. He currently raises an exhibition and commercial flock of poultry. He is president of the Nebraska State Poultry Association and a board member of the Cornhusker Poultry Club. Brett teaches Ag and Science in the classroom for UNL Extension in Douglas and Sarpy Counties.