Cover Crops in the Garden

  • Antelope Park Church of the Brethren 3645 Sumner St Lincoln, NE, 68506 United States

In this class we will learn about what cover crops are, how to use them, and the benefits that can be had by integrating them into your growing “operation”. We will learn how and when to plant, management of cover crops, and how to effectively terminate them in order to plant your main crop. The class will focus on how to integrate cover crops without the need for tillage or fertilizers.

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Instructor Nate Belcher fully believes in the power of cover crops, and owns and operates Green Acres Cover Crops which is a cover crop seed wholesaler here in eastern Nebraska. While as a business they focus on large scale production, Nate fully utilizes cover crops in his own home garden and has had great success. Since using covers heavily in his garden, he no longer uses any fertilizers or tillage, and has been able to grow more food than ever while decreasing his work load in the garden.

August 11
August 25
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