Fermented Foods

  • Antelope Park Church of the Brethren 3645 Sumner St Lincoln, NE, 68506 United States

Learn the basics of fermenting including kimchi.

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Instructor Sheila Dorsey Vinton is the Executive Director of the Asian Community & Cultural Center. She also teaches area studies courses part time at Nebraska Wesleyan University. As an anthropologist with a keen interest in food studies, Sheila has both an academic and recreational interest in international cuisine. She loves experimenting with new ingredients and getting her family and friends to try her creations.

Instructor Matt Pirog is a fermento-phile out of necessity; a run-away gardening habit provides ample opportunity for a variety of fermentation experiments every year. Fascinated and inspired by our co-evolutionary partners that preserve our food and make it even healthier, he is always looking to learn more about the science that explains the vital role microorganisms have in maintaining optimal human health.