Member Owner Renewal

Member Owner Renewal

Step 1: Member Owner Renewal Form

Once you complete the Member Owner Renewal form, you can make your $25 equity payment using your credit/debit card or Paypal account.

Privacy Statement: Open Harvest will use this information to communicate with you about Open Harvest business. Open Harvest does not share your personal information with any other individuals or organizations.

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Terms of Ownership

I understand and agree that: 

  • I am keeping this membership in Open Harvest active by making a $25 annual membership renewal payment.
  • The original signer of the Member Owner certificate has the primary interest in equity investment, membership voting rights, and potential patronage returns.
  • The household of the original signer of the Member Owner is eligible to receive membership benefits for one calendar year immediately after making this $25 investment. Benefits include but are not limited to: member-only discounts and specials, voting rights, and receipt of the newsletter via email.
  • Copies of this renewal agreement and the original Member Owner certificate of ownership may be provided upon request.
by typing your name you confirm that you agree to the Terms of Ownership above.