Turkey Guide


Turkey Guide

Find the Perfect Turkey for your Family

Whether your holiday traditions are big affairs or intimate gatherings, we have the right turkey for you! A simple rule of thumb for selecting the right sized turkey is one pound per person. Local heritage turkeys tend to be quite small, while the broad breasted whites and free-range turkeys can range much larger.


Heritage Turkeys

Available Now

Prairie Oaks Farm
West Point, NE

Local, Free-Range, Non-GMO Feed

8-10 lb.

Heritage turkeys are a rare variety (only 25 thousand raised annually, compared to 200 million industrial turkeys), and retain historic characteristics no longer seen in common turkeys. They are defined by the following characteristics: natural mating, long productive lifespan, and slow growth rate.

Whole Birds: $6.99/lb


Free Range Turkeys

Ferndale Market
Cannon Falls, MN

Free Range, Antibiotic-Free

12-14 lbs.

14-16 lbs.

Minnesota farm Ferndale Market free-range their turkeys during the warmer months and move the birds to fresh pasture weekly all summer, so they have access to clean air and fresh grass, exceeding the space minimums for organic turkeys. Ferndale turkeys grow naturally, without the use of antibiotics or artificial growth promotants, and they enjoy constant access to a diet of grains, vitamins, and minerals from a local feed mill. All Ferndale turkeys are processed-naturally, without additives or fillers, at a USDA facility.

Whole Birds: $2.99/lb


Organic Turkeys

Organic Prairie
La Farge, WI

Certified Organic

14-16 lbs.

Organic Prairie is an independent cooperative of organic family farms. Their turkeys are raised with 100% organic feed and the freedom to range in the out-of-doors. Buying certified organic ensures a turkey free of antibiotics, synthetic hormones, and pesticides.

Whole Birds: $3.99/lb


Broad-Breasted White Turkeys


Prairie Oaks Farm

West Point, NE
Local, Free Range

12-14 lbs.

“Our family farm uses mainly organic practices, we raise our turkeys on pasture, and we mix the turkeys’ feed ourselves. The feed is made using organic or transitional non-GMO corn, soy meal, and oats.”

Whole Birds: $5.99/lb