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17 hours ago

Can we, your customers, shop For You, the workers? Where do you need to go? Maybe one of us also needs to make a run there, too. We could fetch your (lightbulbs, tylenol, etc) and drop it in your car trunk for you? Just trying to think of ways to lower your risk, reduce your exposure....

2 days ago

"You guys are straight up amazing. Thank you so much for all the care and thoughtfulness you put into your strategy for this moment. I’m grateful for the clarity of communication, which I can only assume extends out from a long line of of team members “holding hands,” working together and doing a mega service to us all, getting us access to the good good (veggiessss and local deliciousness) in a good good good good way. Lots of goodness y’all are doing. Thank you."

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4 days ago

Dear Open Harvest Community,

Thank you so much for your continued support and gratitude as we work hard to remain open and provide consistent food access for our community during this time of crisis.

Our curbside pickup service is live! We expect the number of orders to steadily increase in the next few weeks, so your patience is appreciated as we figure out how to scale up with the demand. You can place your orders online and they will be available to pick-up the following day, Monday – Friday between noon – 6 pm.


4 days ago

"A big THANK YOU to the Open Harvest team for their dedicated effort toward making sure we have what we need, when we need it. You guys rock! Big hugs and smiles ☀️"

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4 days ago

We are grateful to provide a sense of calm and normalcy in people's lives right now and serve our customers to the best of our abilities with the challenges that we face daily. While the title is a bit abrupt, this article is a nice reminder on what YOU can do to help protect our staff during this difficult time. Especially while they are working so hard to provide food access to Lincoln.

Pass it on.

The Seed Program

Seed The Change

Simple yet powerful community giving

What is the Seed Program?

One way we live out our cooperative values at Open Harvest is through robust community donations. The Seed Program is a new simple yet powerful community giving opportunity that allows customers to “round-up” their grocery bill for local organizations that share a commitment to a healthy community, sustainable food system, and strong local economy.

In early 2020, we are excited to offer owners, staff, and customers the opportunity to nominate their favorite local non-profit to be one of the eight 2020 Community Choice recipients of this monthly giving at the register. Community Choice recipients will be selected through a staff led committee and by our very own co-op owners!

Final selections will be announced in February and our first rounding up will start in March! During a specified month, each organization will be featured and all round-up contributions during that month will be given directly to the recipient organization at the end of each month.

SEED Recipients


Month Organization Amount Raised
March Community Crops $1986.07
April Southern Heights Food Forest
May Wildlife Rescue
June Friendship Home
July ShelterMe
August Lincoln Indian Center
September Mental Health Association
October Voices of Hope
November TBD
December TBD

The 2020 nomination period has ended. Thank you for your submissions!